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What would a break-in cost your company in terms of time, money, business interruption and inconvenience? If the answer is just too painful to ponder, why not consider super-charging your premises protection with CCTV?

In the past, CCTV has been the domain of big businesses with big budgets. This is no longer the case. At FireCare Security & Electrical Ltd, we install a vast array of CCTV systems, specifically designed to meet our customers’ needs and budgets.

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    How Clear are the Images from CCTV Cameras?

    Most new installations are digital systems, which, just like a digital camera, can offer crystal-clear pictures for the safety of your site, staff and customers. 

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    Are CCTV Systems Only For Intruder Detection?

    Not only does CCTV serve as an excellent intruder deterrent, it allows you to keep a closer eye on your working environment – ensuring excellent health and safety practices, and reducing the possibility of claims, accidents and employee theft.

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    Can I Spread the Cost of CCTV Systems?

    If you choose to use a CCTV system supplied, installed and serviced by FireCare Security & Electrical Ltd, we can arrange to spread the cost over a period of time, offering flexibility and cash-flow-friendly payments.

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    Do You Supply CCTV Systems to Domestic Properties?

    With the fast pace of technological development and reduction in manufacturing costs, CCTV systems have become very affordable for the domestic user. Just like your personal digital camera, your CCTV system can record digital footage, save this footage to a hard drive, and if necessary, stream the images over the internet to a monitoring station or your own phone.

    It’s a proven fact that properties fitted with CCTV cameras are less likely to be burgled or damaged (97% of burglaries occur where no CCTV is fitted). CCTV offers more than just a security system – it offers peace of mind that you, your family, your property and belongings are protected to the best of your ability at all times.

    All equipment sold by FireCare Security & Electrical Ltd is sourced from high quality suppliers to guarantee quality, usability and reliability.

    If you’d like to know more about our domestic systems, please contact us today and speak with one of our expert engineers.

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    Why Should You Include CCTV in Your Security System?

Think Your Premises Could Benefit From a CCTV System?Get In Touch Today!

Whether you have a commercial premises that could benefit from extra security measures or are considering having CCTV installed in your home, FireCare are on hand to provide you with the expertise, knowledge, and peace of mind that you need to keep your premises and property safe.

For advice about CCTV systems or to arrange an installation, get in touch with us today by completing our contact form, and a member of our team will be in touch.

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"FireCare maintain the alarm for my building and have provided a very competent and trouble free service. It is lovely to work with a can do company who are happy to assist with every query.

The engineers are fantastic, polite and very knowledgeable. Great work!"

- Moore Blatch


CCTV Camera Systems FAQS

Yes. As a leading CCTV company based locally in Eastleigh, Firecare has supplied and installed commercial CCTV systems for businesses of every size in the Southampton area.

If you are looking for ‘business security camera systems’, ‘camera system for business’, ‘CCTV systems for business’ or ‘business CCTV systems’, Firecare offers the supply, installation, and maintenance of business CCTV (closed circuit television) systems in Southampton and the surrounding areas.

Yes. Based locally in Eastleigh, Firecare and Security is your local expert in business CCTV installation. Our professional CCTV installation provides local business owners with the peace of mind that their premises are protected, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are looking for the ‘best small business CCTV system uk’ Firecare and Security can help. Whether you require a complete CCTV system for your small office building or specifically placed, individual CCTV cameras to monitor your retail shop and deter Firecare and Security provides a vast range of CCTV cameras suited to your individual business.

Yes. Firecare and Security provides regular maintenance and servicing to commercial security camera systems even if it wasn't purchased through us. If you require a service of your business CCTV camera system in Hampshire, contact Firecare and Security today.

Firecare and Security is an experienced commercial CCTV company providing many services for businesses throughout Southampton. If you’re searching for ‘commercial CCTV companies near me’, ‘commercial security camera installation near me’, ‘commercial CCTV maintenance near me’ or ‘commercial CCTV engineers near me’, Firecare and Security can help. We offer the following commercial CCTV security camera services in Southampton:

  • Commercial CCTV supply in Southampton
  • Commercial CCTV system installation in Southampton
  • Commercial CCTV systems in Southampton
  • CCTV cameras for retail shops in Southampton
  • CCTV systems for businesses in Southampton
  • Security camera maintenance in Southampton
  • CCTV monitoring services in Southampton