Fire Safety Training
For Up To 10 People
From Just £365 +VAT!

Basic Fire Awareness, Fire Marshal & Fire Warden Training

Fire Safety Training
For Up To 10 People
From Just *£365 +VAT!

Your Local Fire Safety Training SpecialistsBasic Fire Awareness, Fire Marshal & Fire Warden Training

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    Your Local Fire Safety Training Specialists
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    Training Tailored Specifically To Your
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FireCare Security & Electrical offers two types of onsite fire safety training: basic fire awareness, and fire warden and fire marshal training

We complete these courses on your premises to spare your business disruption and downtime, and to ensure that the recommendations and training provided are tailored specifically to meet the needs of your business and buildings.

Fire training.

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    Basic Fire Awareness Courses

    The basic fire safety training course teaches your staff about the following:

    • Legislation covering the fire safety protocols
    • The potential result of a fire breaking out in the building
    • Chemical substances that are generated by combustion
    • The factors that determine fires
    • Proficient methods of evacuating the premises

    In addition, your employees will learn about the best ways to react to a fire and the proper method to select an appropriate extinguisher. We complete a test at the end of the course to evaluate the knowledge accumulated by attendees.

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    Fire Marshal and Fire Warden Courses

    The employees who are designated to undertake the role of Fire Marshal or Warden will need to complete a more advanced course, incorporating all of the aforementioned training, but also a great deal more. Considering that it will be the job of these employees to provide assistance with evacuation, fire mitigation and ensuring the safety of critical staff members, their training will be considerably more complex.

    The good news is that not all employees of a company have to be trained as Fire Wardens or Fire Marshals. In general, the number of staff who require this advanced course depends on the total number of people on the premises. To put it simply, you will normally have to designate a ‘reasonable’ amount of Fire Wardens/Fire Marshals according to your employee total. However, additional factors should also be taken into account, including the propensity of work-related fire accidents, the dimensions of the building, and the number of regular visitors etc.

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    All staff members who successfully complete basic training and those who qualify as fire marshals or wardens will receive a legal certificate attesting their competence. This certificate is only awarded to those who successfully pass the final test which determines the level of understanding of fire safety protocols.

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    Retraining Your Personnel

    After the training, the knowledge and skills accumulated during the course will undoubtedly fade over time. In order to maintain competency in the field of fire safety, refresher training classes should be taken on an annual basis.

Our Accreditations

"FireCare have provided us with all our fire equipment and fire extinguisher services this year. Also completed our Fire Risk Assessment and our Fire Warden training. All delivered with exceptional service. The team are friendly and informative. I would highly recommend FireCare"

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