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The Importance of Fire Doors

The role of fire doors in commercial and multi occupancy buildings is vital, as they help to delay the spread of fire. Since the Grenfell Tower tragedy in 2017, fire safety measures in residential and commercial buildings alike have been scrutinised to ensure that they comply with the amended Fire...

What are the Benefits of a Site Visit from a Trained Technician?

If you are considering buying and installing fire safety systems, security systems, or completing a risk assessment for fire safety or electrical compliance, it is always a good idea to consider if you are the best person for the job before embarking on these tasks. Although you may have the...

Is Your Fire Risk Assessment Overdue?

If you are wondering if your premises need a fire risk assessment, the answer is probably yes. It is a legal requirement for companies who employ five or more persons to complete a written fire risk assessment, but even if your company has fewer than five employees and therefore doesn’t...

Fire Safety Act 2021 – What Has Changed?

On 29th April, amendments were made to the Fire Safety Order (2005) to now include the Fire Safety Act 2021. These amendments clarify who is accountable for reducing the risk of fire, and ensure that people living in multiple-occupancy residential buildings feel safe in their homes following the Grenfell tragedy 4 years prior. New legislation within...

Fire Safety Blunder Risks Lives of Residents Living in ‘Death Trap’ Flats in Southampton

The importance of thorough fire risk assessment procedure was highlighted recently in Southampton when an unclear report left residents at risk. Fire safety in multi-occupancy buildings is a task which should be undertaken by an individual with competence and experience, such as our expert assessors at FireCare. Failure to properly...

We’ve Moved!

Following several years of steady growth and expansion, we are pleased to announce our move to larger warehouse and office premises in City Grove Industrial Estate, Eastleigh.   While our previous offices in Hiltingbury Road served us very well for a number of years, new contracts coupled with the retention of...

Fire Safety and Security at Christmas

It’s been a challenging year, but before heading off to enjoy your Christmas, it’s important to give a little bit of thought to the potential fire and security risks to your premises, particularly if your offices will be empty over the Christmas and New Year break. We've created a handy...

Sector Focus – Fire Safety in Offices

Office environments are full of fire risks, with an abundance of electrical equipment, flammable materials, and a large concentration of people in a small area. For business owners, the potential loss of files and data and the cost and inconvenience of moving to a temporary location could badly affect your...

Fire Safety & Security Guides

Click here to read and download our free fire safety and security guides, and start the process of keeping your people, premises and property safe today.

What are the Different Types of Fire Alarm Systems?

Fire alarms can be what makes the difference between a near miss and a disaster for your workplace or business premises. But as an employer, which fire alarm is right for your building? At FireCare, we know that you have enough on your plate, which is why we take care...