5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Install CCTV Cameras

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Post-Covid changes in working patterns have left business premises more vulnerable than ever before, creating greater opportunities for theft and property damage.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras not only help individuals feel more secure when leaving their homes unattended but also benefit businesses that have reduced hours and emptier offices by providing a way to monitor their site at all times.

24/7 live monitoring means that in the event of crime, you are equipped with reliable evidence against perpetrators. In addition, it can also increase productivity in the workplace by helping management identify areas for improvements.

Here are the 5 main benefits of installing CCTV in the workplace:

1. Prevent Theft and Vandalism with CCTV Cameras

By choosing to install a CCTV security system, you are significantly reducing the likelihood of theft or vandalism in the future. Break-ins can be incredibly costly and time-consuming for both businesses and individuals. Therefore, it is much more beneficial to implement preventative measures before the damage is done.

2. 24/7 Live Monitoring

CCTV systems are much more cost-effective than hiring security personnel. New digital system installations provide you with a round-the-clock service which offers peace of mind at all times. Modern CCTV systems produce reliable, high-quality footage which enhances visibility and targets high risk areas.

3. Useful Evidence for Prosecution

Although CCTV is likely to deter intruders, in the event that you do have a break-in, it can provide crucial supporting evidence to help when prosecuting the offender(s). High-quality CCTV footage can offer valuable insight into the events leading up to, during and after the incident. The knowledge gathered from CCTV footage can help you to determine weak spots in your security plan to avoid future problems.

4. Improved Employee Productivity

CCTV does not just help deter intruders.  Strategic placement of CCTV cameras can contribute to an increase in productivity in the workplace, encouraging behaviour which supports health and safety practices while also helping management to identify areas for improvement. It can be a useful tool to reference and communicate desired changes to employees by reviewing and making observations on relevant employee behaviour.

5. Improved Overall Safety

Investing in high-quality CCTV coverage for your business premises can help you avoid future incidents and alleviate the stress and worry associated with keeping your buildings and grounds safe and secure. The presence of CCTV cameras alone is already a strong deterrent for those who want to commit theft and vandalism but in addition, it also contributes to the safety of employees, giving them peace of mind that they are protected while onsite.

Finding the right team to help identify high-risk areas and ensuring the proper installation of CCTV equipment is essential to ensuring you get the best use out of the latest monitoring technology.

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