New Fire Safety Regulations 2022

new fire safety regulations 2022 Hampshire

Office security is a worry for business owners all year round, but as the summer approaches, seasonally specific security concerns increase the risk to your premises and assets.

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5 Years On – What Has Grenfell Taught Us?

Fire Detection Systems - FireCare Security & Electrical

This week marked the five-year anniversary of the Grenfell Tower tragedy where 72 people died as a result of a fire which spread rapidly throughout the 20-storey building. Highly combustible cladding attached to the building caused the fire to engulf the structure on 14th June 2017, with the billowing smoke and flames blocking appointed emergency exits for residents. Five years on, and governing bodies are still actively rewriting fire safety legislation to ensure the safety of residents of high-rise buildings across the country.

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Office Fire Safety Checklist

In the event of a fire, are you confident that your employees would know how to react? It is important to take clear steps to mitigate the risk of fire to protect your staff and your assets, and to comply with fire safety laws. Our experienced team of engineers and trainers at FireCare have put together the below Fire Safety Checklist for your office to help you review your fire safety awareness.

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