Emergency Lights

An emergency lights system (ELS) constitutes the backup source of illumination that becomes active in the event of a disaster that incapacitates the primary lighting system. To put it simply, an ELS is automatically turned on when the building’s main electrical power lines are cut – either due to disaster-related damage or voluntarily to prevent the spreading of fires. Their role is to provide visibility in areas of the building to assist with the proper evacuation of the personnel on the premises.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 clearly states that all commercial buildings must be safe at all times, even in the event of mains power failure. This means that virtually all premises (and businesses) are legally obliged to have some form of emergency lights installed to illuminate a path to safety, should it ever be required.


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What Are My Legal Obligations?

By law, all emergency lighting should be installed and serviced annually to BS5266 standards, and suitable certification provided as evidence that the work was completed by competent and qualified engineers. Furthermore, monthly user checks are recommended in order to ensure that the ELS is functioning optimally and is ready in the event of an incident.

In certain Local Authorities, a 6 month service schedule for ELS is considered mandatory. If you are unsure whether your Local Authority requires these additional checks, please contact us – we would be delighted to advise you further.

With regard to the required locations of emergency lighting, the following points are recommended as the minimum you should consider:

  • In the proximity of every exiting doorway
  • Next to the emergency escape indicators
  • Along the emergency escape route(s)
  • In all elevators of the building
  • By the fire extinguishers
  • Next to the break-glass fire intervention triggers
  • Close to safety machinery or devices that must be shut down during emergencies
  • Outside all exit points of the structure

How Can FireCare Security & Electrical Ltd Help?

As specialists in all aspects of fire safety and security, we are among a select few high-quality and professional service providers that can manage your ELS verification procedures and ensure that your system is maintained to current standards and working optimally.

Whether your business premises comprise a small office or large industrial plant, our trained experts will conduct a full and comprehensive inspection of your ELS, documenting those areas in full working order, as well as those that require repair or improvement. We will provide you with a log of all testing performed, so that you can demonstrate to your insurers and all regulatory authorities that you are complying with your mandatory legal requirements under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

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