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Whether you need a professional fire risk assessment for your care home or are looking to book fire safety training for your care home staff, the experts at FireCare can help. At FireCare, we have a vast amount of experience with residential care fire safety guidance, helping care homes across the South Coast with their fire safety needs. Our professional team are here to suggest practical, pragmatic steps to help you improve your compliance and better protect your people, premises and property. 

Residential care homes are particularly vulnerable to casualties in the event of a fire due to a high density of at-risk occupants, including those with mobility issues. At FireCare, we specialise in all things fire safety across London, Surrey and the South Coast, including fire safety training, fitting fire extinguishers and emergency lighting. Our team are here to help you mitigate the risk of fire and ensure that your staff and residents are protected and prepared in the event of a fire. 

fire safety services in care homes

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Fire Risk Assessments in Residential Care Homes

In a report by The Guardian, it was determined that 57% of 177 London care homes failed a fire safety inspection in 2018. Fire risk assessments are a legal obligation and must be undertaken each year to ensure that procedures and fire safety regulations in your care home meet the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.  

To ensure that such a vital task is completed correctly, it is always worthwhile to contract fire safety professionals such as the team at FireCare to complete your fire risk assessment for you. Not only is an experienced fire risk assessor likely to identify potential risks that an untrained eye may overlook, but a professional will be able to recommend pragmatic yet effective ways to minimise your risk without incurring significant additional costs.  

Fire safety risk assessments for residential care premises completed by FireCare will examine the following:  

  • Your current fire prevention measures  
  • How well you could communicate to those on-site in the event of a fire  
  • Your escape routes and fire evacuation measures. Are there clear escape paths? Do you complete regular fire drills? Do you have any vulnerable staff with special escape requirements?  
  • How well you could confine and suppress a fire 
  • The level of awareness and training among your staff in terms of what to do in the event of a fire 

Having completed this assessment, FireCare would then provide further information and make informed recommendations based on our experience of fire safety audits within the care sector to ensure you stay safe and legal. 

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    Fire Safety Training in Care Homes

    When considering fire safety in care homes in the UK, fire safety training is one of the best investments for companies wanting to protect their staff and residents in the event of a fire. By offering training courses for fire safety procedures in a care homes including evacuation procedure training, fire warden training and general fire safety training, your staff will be equipped to safety coordinate the occupants of your premises with minimal damage to your property and less injuries.  

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    Fire Safety Equipment for Care Homes

    If you are unsure about your legal obligations in terms of fire alarms for care home, emergency lighting in care homes, fire extinguishers in care homes and fire safety signs in care homes, FireCare can help. Offering a comprehensive service comprising fitting and maintaining fire extinguishers, alarms and fire evacuation equipment for care homes including fire exit signs, emergency lighting systems and more, FireCare gives you peace of mind that your premises contains the correct and compliant equipment to suit your space.  

    Fire safety in residential care homes is never one-size-fits-all, with fire regulations denoting certain amounts of equipment per square foot or per occupant. Thankfully, our experienced engineers, training instructors and assessors are on hand to provide expert advice and recommendations for your peace of mind.  


Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure that your fire alarm systems are working properly, they should be tested weekly by a competent person and inspected and tested thoroughly by a qualified fire alarm engineer every 6 months. 

Although the fire brigade provides a vital service saving lives and preventing further property damage, having fire protection equipment such as extinguishers on site means that trained staff can tackle small, manageable fires and stop them from spreading and causing preventable damage and injury. 

A fire outbreak is never a planned event, and if a fire occurs at night, it could be incredibly worrying and confusing for staff and elderly and vulnerable residents.  

Fire alarm sensors are sometimes linked to the power supply of a building to prevent further electrical fires, so even during the daytime, your care home could be darker than usual during your evacuation procedure. For this reason, the installation of escape route lighting throughout care homes provides a clear pathway to a safe exit in the event of a fire. 


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