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Any organisation that has 5 or more employees is required by law to have the following health and safety measures in place:

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    A written Health & Safety Policy

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    Documented risk assessments that are sufficient and suitable

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    Access to competent advice

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    Provision of staff training

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    A system in place of monitoring and reviewing health and safety performance

Failure to meet basic health and safety requirements could lead to unlimited fines, improvement or prohibition notices, a damaged reputation, and in the worst case, imprisonment.

At FireCare Security & Electrical, we offer cost effective solutions for your company’s health and safety needs, including health and safety training, policies, management manuals, an audit of both the premises and documentation, plus advice to help you to understand your full legal obligations.

We will initially conduct a site visit, in order to assess your compliance with relevant health and safety legislation. Where shortfalls are identified, we’ll provide you with an action plan and further guidance, which will focus on the areas requiring improvement. If necessary, we’ll also be able to offer you solutions to address any issues which are raised.

Subsequent visits will allow you to successfully monitor the health and safety performance of your organisation.

Health & Safety Courses

We also offer a variety of health and safety courses to help improve the knowledge among your staff. From general awareness to accident reporting and much more, click on the below pdfs to find out more about the details of each course, including who it’s suitable for, what the learning outcomes are, the duration of the course itself and how many delegates are able to attend.

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As part of our complementary Compliance Check service, we'll discuss your current fire safety and security measures, and explain all applicable regulatory requirements.  We'll then suggest practical, pragmatic steps to help you improve your compliance and better protect your people, premises and property.

The Compliance Check is not a sales appointment, and there is no obligation to use FireCare, nor commit to anything further.

Book your complementary Compliance Check today, and get peace of mind that your business is better protected. 

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