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Expert Security Services and Fire Risk Assessments for Commercial Landlords

Are you a commercial landlord looking to lease a new property? Want to keep yourself and your tenants compliant?

At FireCare, we offer comprehensive commercial fire safety and security services to help you get your premises compliant and protected from the get-go. With competitive rates and friendly, experienced engineers, FireCare provides peace of mind for you and your tenants that your commercial premises is ready for lease.

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    Fire Safety Services for Commercial Properties

    As a commercial landlord, you must take reasonable steps to ensure that your tenant complies with health, safety and fire safety responsibilities. The principal part of fire safety in any property is outlined by a comprehensive fire risk assessment, which must be reviewed regularly to identify any new or recurring risks. By choosing an experienced fire risk assessment company such as FireCare, you can rest assured that your premises will remain compliant with fire safety regulations, and that your commercial property is best protected in the event of a fire.

    Following your commercial fire risk assessment, the results will suggest measures to take to help reduce or mitigate the risk of fire throughout the premises. These measures could include fire safety signage, fire safety equipment such as extinguishers, and fire safety training.

    Get peace of mind that your commercial property is compliant today by arranging a site visit from our fire safety experts. Complete our contact form or email for a no-obligation quote.

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    Security Equipment for Commercial Properties

    In general, you, the landlord, are responsible for the external and common parts of the property. By installing security equipment such as CCTV, you can provide peace of mind for yourself and your tenant that your property is protected from break-ins or trespassers.

    Alongside prospectively lowering your insurance premiums, professionally installed security equipment in common areas and on the outside of the property help you to keep an eye on your premises. CCTV can be monitored externally through a smartphone or tablet, perfect for commercial landlords who aren’t physically on site every day.

    Instead of waiting for an attempted break-in to happen, protect your property from the get-go with security from FireCare.

    Get your fire safety and security compliance sorted under one roof with FireCare. Complete our contact form or email to arrange a site visit to your commercial property today.


Frequently Asked Questions

As a commercial landlord, you must take reasonable steps to ensure that your tenant complies with health, safety and fire safety responsibilities. Depending on your lease agreement, your obligations may overlap with your tenant’s responsibilities of fire safety compliance.

An efficient way to manage this is to arrange a visit from a fire safety professional such as FireCare to perform a comprehensive fire risk assessment for the entire property.

The responsibility of the installation of fire alarms will usually fall to the commercial landlord as this equipment will need to be installed in common areas such as hallways as well as inside tenant’s offices.

Fire alarms should always be installed by an experienced engineer to ensure that the right type of model has been fitted and that the number of units complies with fire safety regulations. If you are a commercial landlord looking for fire alarm installation for your property, contact FireCare today for a no-obligation quote.

Any organisation employing 5 or more people (whether commercial or not for profit) must complete a written and specific fire risk assessment on an annual basis. Failure to complete one could not only lead to injury, property damage, or loss of life in the event of a fire, but could result in a large fine or a custodial sentence.

Many commercial landlords choose to install CCTV on the external areas of their property to deter criminals. This could also help to reduce insurance premiums and provide peace of mind to their tenants that the property is protected. However, it is important to consider your tenant’s right to privacy when installing CCTV on your premises, as it can easily break privacy laws.

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"We have used FireCare Security and Electrical since we moved into our new office 2 years ago. Initially, the reason I used their services was their excellent customer service. There is always someone who is willing to help at the end of the phone and they always phone back promptly when they say they will"

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