Fire Extinguishers

Trust FireCare Security & Electrical Ltd to install, commission and service your fire extinguishers

By law, any business occupying areas up to 400 sq. metres must have at least 2 x water and 1 x CO2 extinguishers to cover all fire risks. Larger premises require additional extinguishers, as appropriate. Failure to comply not only puts your business at greater risk of prosecution and incident, but also jeopardises your insurance coverage.

However, fire extinguishers cannot simply be purchased online. By law, all extinguishers must be commissioned onsite to BS5306 standards by a qualified engineer. Online shops can’t offer this service, but the expert engineers employed by FireCare Security & Electrical  Ltd can.

As part of our fire extinguisher provision, we’ll inspect your premises, determine which extinguishers you require to keep you legal and safe, and then supply, commission and install them. On an annual basis, and at a date and time convenient to your business, we’ll service these extinguishers – ensuring that your business continues to meet all applicable legal requirements.


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The Corrosion Free / Maintenance Free Fire Extinguisher

Save up to £300 per extinguisher!

Yes that’s correct – an extinguisher that you can maintain yourself once installed by an engineer.  You just need to carry out an in-house compliance inspection annually.

Also, If you sign up to a 5 or 10 year contract for your Fire Alarms and Emergency Lights servicing (we guarantee to match your current prices) we will carry out the compliance check on your extinguishers for you free of charge

Key Benefits:

  • Huge savings
  • Up to 50% reduction in volume of extinguishers
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Reduction in training time and confusion for staff
  • Lightweight composite material
  • 100% recyclable
  • 100% UV tested

What Fire Extinguishers Does Your Business Require?

The table below provides a summary of the fire extinguishers that might be required by your business. In most office environments, water and CO2 extinguishers are often sufficient, but if your business stores or uses flammable liquids or gases, additional extinguishers may also be required. Your Fire Risk Assessment should detail the quantity, type and location of each extinguisher installed in your premises, in addition to the last date of service.


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