Office Fire Safety Checklist

In the event of a fire, are you confident that your employees would know how to react? It is important to take clear steps to mitigate the risk of fire to protect your staff and your assets, and to comply with fire safety laws. Our experienced team of engineers and trainers at FireCare have put together the below Fire Safety Checklist for your office to help you review your fire safety awareness.

  • Have You Checked Your Fire Safety Equipment?

Does your premises have working and regularly tested fire extinguishers and fire alarms installed? And if so, do your team know how they work? Having a fire extinguisher gathering dust in a stationary cupboard isn’t going to be much help in the event of a fire, so it is important to review the placement of your fire safety equipment (are they easily accessible?) and ensure that your team of your delegated fire warden confidently knows how to operate one.

Annual maintenance checks of fire alarms and fire extinguishers is a legal requirement, and by choosing an experienced local fire safety company such as FireCare to complete these tasks, you can have peace of mind that your premises is protected in the event of a fire and you remain compliant, avoiding hefty fines.

  • Do You Have an Evacuation Plan?

Does your office have an evacuation plan? Depending on the type of premises you operate on (single floor/multi storey), your evacuation plan will look slightly different. It is important to prioritise evacuation for those who have mobility issues, as it may take these people longer to exit the building than their able-bodied colleagues. This should be factored into your plan, alongside safe and accessible escape routes which are kept free of obstructions and are clearly signposted.

  • Are Your Staff Aware of Your General Fire Safety Precautions?

For example, if your office contains a large amount of electrical equipment, are your staff aware of the risks of overloading plug sockets and extension cables?  Are heaters/radiators regularly checked and kept away from flammable items? Do you have a clear smoking policy?

Using materials such as posters in common areas such as break rooms are a great way to spread awareness about how individuals can help prevent a fire breaking out. If you are unsure of the level of fire safety awareness in your office, it may be worth investing in fire safety training such as a Basic Fire Awareness Course or a Fire Warden Course.

  • Have You Considered a Professional Fire Risk Assessment?

As an employer, manager or business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that reasonable steps have been taken to both reduce the risk of fire, and ensure that in the event of an incident, staff, visitors and customers can safely vacate the building.

To highlight any potential or existing hazards and prevent fire, a thorough fire risk assessment is vital. By implementing a fire risk assessment either individually or through a professional fire safety consultant such as FireCare, you are actively taking steps to protect your staff and property. If you need to complete a fire risk assessment for your premises but are unsure of your legal obligations, contact our friendly team who would be happy to arrange a compliance audit from one of our trained assessors.

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