How To Make Your Business More Energy Efficient

With the government-backed Energy Bills Discount Scheme due to end in March 2024, businesses are realising the significance of energy efficient practices into their operations. With less financial relief and support available from the government in the new year, businesses will need to make a commitment to reducing their energy use to avoid significantly increased energy costs. 

At FireCare Security and Electrical, our team of electrical engineers provide industry leading electrical services to businesses throughout Hampshire to help reduce your energy bills, including lighting installation, PAT testing, and electric car charging station installation.  

Identify Faulty or Inefficient Appliances with PAT Testing 

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is a vital component of any business’s electrical safety strategy. FireCare Security and Electrical recommends conducting regular PAT testing to ensure that all portable electrical appliances are safe and in proper working condition. Not only does this contribute to the safety of the workplace, but it also identifies energy-hungry appliances that may be due for an upgrade or replacement. 

Upgrade to LED Lighting 

By switching from traditional incandescent bulbs to LED lighting, businesses can use at least 75% less energy. The extended lifespan of LED bulbs, lasting up to 25,000 hours or more, not only reduces the need for frequent replacements but also results in significant cost savings on maintenance. Despite the initial higher upfront cost, the long-term financial benefits, driven by reduced operational expenses, make LED lighting a practical investment for businesses. 

Choose Energy-Efficient Appliances 

When upgrading electrical appliances, looking out for energy rating labels which rate products from ‘A’ to ‘G’ in terms of energy use, with ‘A’ being the most efficient. Choosing highly rated appliances can help reduce your operational costs. 

Switch to Electric Vehicles  

Switching to electric vehicles can bring significant savings for businesses. Not only are electric cars cheaper to run and maintain, but they are an environmentally friendly alternative to help your business meet CRS objectives. FireCare Security and Electrical can install electric car charging points at your workplace, helping your transition to an electric fleet. 

If you’re looking to make your business more energy efficient, FireCare can help. Contact our friendly team today to arrange a visit with one of our professional, experienced electricians. Alternatively, call us today on 023 8026 9833 to get an electrical services quote.