Fire Extinguisher Training

Fires can be extremely destructive. In worst cases they can destroy a building and cause fatalities. Ensuring your business premises has all the right fire safety equipment is absolutely imperative. Fire Risk Assessments would tell you what you need to have and where. Always make sure this is carried out by a professional fire care engineer to ensure you are taking advantage of the latest equipment available and that every eventuality is covered.

One of the things that might be overlooked, is the training provided to you and your staff. Having the equipment in place and ready to be used is one thing, but could you or any member of your staff properly use the equipment? Could you effectively use the fire extinguishers? Do you know which fire extinguisher to use for which fire source?

It’s very reassuring to know that you have all the fire safety equipment in house and ready to use, but how more reassuring is it to know that you are able to handle the equipment in an expert way to distinguish the fire.

At FireCare and Security we offer a range of Fire Safety Training Courses. These include basic fire awareness courses, fire marshall courses, fire warden courses as well as specific training, such as fire extinguisher training.

The video below is kindly provided to us by Britannia Fire and shows the effectiveness of fire extinguishers when used properly.

Fire Extinguisher Training

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