Protecting Your Premises From Unwanted Guests

It’s an unfortunate statistic that break-ins and robberies into commercial premises are on the rise. Whether it’s just a damaged door, a broken window or a complete gutting of your premises, it is a very distressing, time consuming and costly thing to happen to any business.

Most burglaries are carried out by opportunist thieves, looking for an easy target and a quick way of making money. If you secure your premises properly, you can stop being that easy target, and also possibly save on your commercial insurance at the same time.

There are many security and intruder products out there. These include:

  • Intruder/Burglar Alarms
  • CCTV Systems (closed circuit television)
  • Door Access Units
  • Shutters
  • Security Gates
  • High Quality Locks
  • Security Lighting

If you have an outside yard/compound, then security gates, lighting and CCTV will definitely increase the security level of your premises.

FireCare and Security offer a complete range of security services to suit your business. We are experts in our field and have years of experience putting a security schedule together for all levels of budgets.

We will talk through all the various options and combinations, to find one that suits your company setup, and ensures you the greatest piece of mind. The security advice we can give you can include information about clearly defining your boundaries, ensure all staff are briefed on security procedures, reduce the number of entrance/exit points, and so on.

Our engineers are fully qualified and offer a complete installation, servicing and maintenance program for Burglar alarms, CCTV systems, Door access units, Security shutters, Security gates, Doors, windows and locks, as well as security lighting.

Closed Circuit Television systems (CCTV) are very popular products within the security arsenal of products. They can vary massively by their intelligence and quality. A lot of the CCTV cameras installed and serviced by us are now HD CCTV cameras. The cameras can often operate in complete darkness using infra-red technology. They can be wireless and also have the capability of connecting to the Internet so the images can be remotely viewed. Police rely heavily on CCTV systems nowadays, so having a good quality CCTV system is a real benefit. We can recommend the most suitable system for you and the best positions of the cameras to get the best images, but to avoid being easily targeted.

High quality door locks and window locks can provide additional security. Depending on the value of equipment on your premises and the risk relating to the interruption to the business from a break in, your choice of door and window protection will vary. Again, the experience and expertise of our FireCare and Security engineers can best advise you on the systems that will suit your needs.