What are the Different Types of Fire Alarm Systems?

Fire alarms can be what makes the difference between a near miss and a disaster for your workplace or business premises. But as an employer, which fire alarm is right for your building? At FireCare, we know that you have enough on your plate, which is why we take care of choosing and installing your fire alarm systems for you. Here’s what’s available:

Conventional Fire Alarms
These types of simple fire alarms are set off by heat, smoke detectors, or by staff members raising the alarm by manual call points, and are ideal for smaller offices or buildings.

Twin Wire Fire Alarms
A more complex version of the conventional fire alarm system, this type of fire alarm has a number of call points and detectors wired to the control panel in zones, without the need for a separate sounder circuit. These zones can give an approximation to where the fire has occurred. This type of system suits a larger establishment with several rooms or floors.

Addressable Fire Alarms
These fire alarm systems are capable of transmitting data which relays the exact position of a potential fire, perfect for larger office buildings, hotels or manufacturing plants.

Wireless Fire Alarms
Wireless fire alarms offer quick installation, no damage to existing structure of your building, no cabling required, and are perfect for upgrades to older buildings with no fire alarm fitted. Wireless fire alarms are also perfect for extending an existing fire alarm in an older building, and are a great alternative to an addressable fire alarm system.

As the first response to a potential fire, choosing the right fire alarm for your business is crucial. Our trained experts can visit your building and install the most suitable option to suit your space and budget, without overselling unnecessary bells and whistles that you don’t need. To book your visit, contact FireCare today.

By law, fire alarms in the UK need to be installed and serviced by a competent, experienced, and qualified individual such as the engineers employed by FireCare. Even seemingly simple, wireless systems need to be installed and maintained properly, and if the worst was to happen, your insurance could be invalidated if your installation or maintenance wasn’t completed to legal standards. Instead of risking the costs of a rejected claim, and risking the safety of your staff, contact FireCare today to visit your building and take care of your fire alarm systems.

At FireCare, we provide comprehensive fire alarm installation, maintenance, and guidance to help businesses throughout Hampshire remain compliant and safe. To book your free health check, complete our easy contact form, and a friendly member of our team will be in touch.