How To Protect Your Business Premises from Intruders

If your offices are left empty overnight, it is important to ensure that you have adequate security measures in place to mitigate the risk of break-ins. CCTV systems, security alarms and access control systems are some of the best ways to deter intruders and keep an eye on your premises when you’re not there, which is why at FireCare Security & Electrical Ltd, we provide comprehensive security systems to meet your needs and budget.

Assess Your Premises

Each business premises has varying levels of security risks based on location, the nature of your business, and more. With this in mind, it is worth considering factors such as public accessibility, total number of access points and local crime rates as a baseline for your comprehensive security strategy to help identify where you should focus your budget to get the best value for your money.

By choosing a professional security company such as FireCare & Security to install your security systems, you can rest assured that you have taken all of the necessary steps to secure your property.

Install Door Access Control Systems

If you have an unmanned reception area, door access control is a great way to ensure that only authorised personnel have access to your premises. Whether you install a door keypad entry system on your initial entryway or choose access control systems with more features throughout your business premises, your access control systems can also be linked to your security alarm to provide even greater protection.

Consider CCTV

CCTV is known to be one of the best ways to keep an eye on your premises when you’re not around. With a vast array of HD CCTV systems including night-vision CCTV and discreet CCTV systems, you can rest assured that your camera systems will help to deter intruders and that any activity around your premises will be recorded.

Compare Intruder Alarm Quotes

If your property contains high value assets or is in an area which is at risk of forced entry, intruder alarms act as an effective deterrent to criminals. Some models of commercial intruder alarm systems also offer a monitoring function, meaning that the keyholder or police are alerted if the alarm is triggered, for your peace of mind. Choosing a professional intruder alarm company such are FireCare and Security ensures that you are getting the right type of system to suit your needs and budget, without any expensive and unnecessary bells and whistles.

Using the above as a guide, you should be able to establish the weaker areas of security at your business premises and make an informed decision about the best type of security system for your property.

About FireCare Security & Electrical

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