The Importance of Fire Doors

The role of fire doors in commercial and multi occupancy buildings is vital, as they help to delay the spread of fire. Since the Grenfell Tower tragedy in 2017, fire safety measures in residential and commercial buildings alike have been scrutinised to ensure that they comply with the amended Fire Safety Bill to help protect tenants.

As a result of the fire at Grenfell Tower, Kensington and Chelsea council have since admitted that the fire doors had not been inspected and therefore failed to prevent the fire and smoke from spreading throughout the building. At FireCare, we help businesses to comply with fire safety legislation by recommending the best fire doors for your businesses following our comprehensive fire risk assessment.

 A large part of the fire safety reviews which many council and multi-occupancy buildings are experiencing relate to fire compartmentalisation. Fire compartmentalisation ensures that if a fire breaks out in one area, it can be temporarily contained to give time for occupants to evacuate the building. There are various types of fire doors which are rated to withstand fire for either 30 minutes (FD30), 60 minutes (FD60) or longer, which vary in size and aesthetic. As an experienced fire safety company on the South Coast, FireCare can recommend the most suitable fire doors to suit your office’s legal requirements and budget.

Under current fire safety regulations, it is the responsibility of a competent person to manage the installation and maintenance of these doors to ensure that they are compliant. By choosing a professional fire risk assessment company such as FireCare to survey your premises and recommend the best measures to take to mitigate your risk of fire, you can rest assured that your premises remains compliant, and your employees are protected.

For more information about fire risk assessments and your obligations, download our Handy Fire Risk Assessment Guide from our ‘Guides & Advice’ page,. Here, you can also find a free fire risk assessment template, alongside more information about fire regulations and advice.

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