Is Your Fire Risk Assessment Overdue?

If you are wondering if your premises need a fire risk assessment, the answer is probably yes. It is a legal requirement for companies who employ five or more persons to complete a written fire risk assessment, but even if your company has fewer than five employees and therefore doesn’t require a written record, completing an assessment and identifying potential risks is still a sensible step to verify that your company is compliant.

With COVID restrictions easing and more people heading back to work, now is the right time for you to get a professional fire risk assessment completed. After such a long period of closure and staff working from home, it is likely that your latest fire risk assessment has expired, meaning that you could be subject to heavy fines, and are risking the safety of your colleagues.

As an employer, manager or business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that reasonable steps have been taken to both reduce the risk of fire, and ensure that in the event of an incident, staff, visitors and customers can safely vacate the building.  Risk assessments are rarely at the top of any busy manager’s ‘to do’ list, which is why we offer hassle-free, comprehensive fire risk assessments to take the burden from you.

What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

To highlight any potential or existing hazards and prevent fire, a thorough fire risk assessment is vital. The purpose of a fire risk assessment is to ensure that if there were a fire, your staff and members of the public would remain unharmed, either through:

  • Effective fire suppression & extinguishing measures, or
  • A proficient and familiar fire evacuation procedure

By implementing these measures either individually or through a professional fire safety consultant such as FireCare, you are actively taking steps to protect your staff and property. If you need to complete a fire risk assessment for your premises but are unsure of your legal obligations, contact our friendly team who would be happy to arrange a compliance audit from one of our trained assessors.

Why Should You Regularly Complete Fire Risk Assessments?

Failure to complete a legal fire risk assessment could not only lead to heavy fines, but could also put your staff in danger. Trusting a group of fire safety professionals such as the FireCare team with your fire safety measures takes the hassle out of your fire risk assessment, giving you peace of mind that any hazards will be actioned, or a procedure put in place to mitigate the risk.

For more information about fire risk assessments and your obligations, download our Handy Fire Risk Assessment Guide from our ‘Guides & Advice’ page,. Here, you can also find a free fire risk assessment template, alongside more information about fire regulations and advice.

About FireCare Security & Electrical

At FireCare, we provide pragmatic, comprehensive fire safety services to businesses throughout Hampshire, Dorset, Surrey and London.  We will keep you compliant, without causing you inconvenience. To arrange a site survey and book your fire risk assessment, complete our contact form, or email