The Benefits of Low Energy Lighting for Businesses

What is low energy lighting?

LED lighting is an efficient, energy saving alternative to traditional incandescent bulbs and fluorescent (CFL) lighting.
While LED bulbs produce the same amount of light as incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, they use far less energy (around 75% less than incandescent bulbs). What’s more, they emit very little heat, meaning that the energy they do use goes directly into light production. In comparison, fluorescent lights release about 80% of their energy as heat, making them particularly inefficient. From a cost perspective, LEDs have a typical life of 25 years, compared with CFLs which only last around 10 years (and incandescent bulbs which have a lifespan of just 1,200 hours!).

Why should I consider LED lighting for my business?

If you’re looking to save money and reduce the carbon footprint of your business, the implementation of LED lighting is definitely worth considering.  Many new office and industrial buildings now require low energy lighting as standard and dedicated low energy light fittings which only fit LEDs are becoming more common. Energy saving lighting requires no extra wiring or equipment, and with LEDs becoming cheaper to buy, transforming your traditional lighting to low energy, high efficiency LEDs is easier than ever.

What’s more, by installing energy efficient lighting, your business may qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECAs). As part of this scheme (which is designed to encourage companies to invest in technologies which will help reduce carbon emissions), you can claim 100% of your first-year capital allowances spent on qualifying energy saving measures when you install eligible energy saving lighting. FireCare Security & Electrical can advise on this, and also many other energy saving appliances that will save your business money, minimise your carbon footprint and reduce your tax bill.

Other key reasons to switch to LED lighting are as follows:

  • LEDs last longer

Whilst a fluorescent bulb (CFL) lasts up to 10 years, LED lights last for 25, reducing the overall long-term lighting cost.  On average, at least five fluorescent light bulbs would be discarded in the lifespan of one LED bulb, reducing the cost of ongoing bulb purchase, and also minimising the amount of waste going to landfill.

  • Reduce global CO2 emissions

It is estimated that 20% of the world’s energy usage is consumed by lighting.  If this were all to be switched to LED technology, global energy usage could be reduced by 75%, resulting in far fewer CO2 emissions, and reducing pollution.  Minimising your carbon footprint through LED lighting is key to the successful implementation of any environmental, corporate and social responsibility strategy.

  • Instantly ‘on’

CFL (fluorescent) bulbs often take up to a minute to hit full brightness, which can be an issue in stationery cupboards and bathrooms where there is little natural light, and your staff need quick and immediate access.  In comparison, LED lights hit full brightness immediately, making them ideal for the office environment.

  • No harsh toxins

CFL bulbs contain mercury, which can be harmful to humans if inhaled.  LED bulbs are mercury-free, so the best option from an occupational health and safety perspective is LED lighting.  What’s more, because CFL lights contain mercury, they must be recycled in a very specific manner to stop environmental pollution.

  • Better lighting control

Today’s technology means that LEDs can offer better quality lighting and control in your office, warehouse or retail environment. Where fluorescent lights are typically very white and harsh, the colour temperature of LEDs can be adjusted to suit.  Measured on a Kelvin scale of 1,000 to 10,000, with soft warm candlelight measuring 2,000K and sunlight measuring 6,000K, you can use this scale to choose LEDs that emit a warmer (yellow) tone or a cooler, bright white or blue tinted quality. Warm light LEDs create a cosy atmosphere and are great for restaurant or commercial ambient lighting, and cool light LEDs are more suitable for environments where we need to stay alert, like work environments, task lighting or accent lighting.

Dimmer switches are also available for LED lighting, so you can create the ideal level of light for each room of your business.

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